It is with great sadness that we say farewell to my good friend, Colin Gill who recently passed away from a stroke. Now you can sleep in peace, Colin. See you again soon, my friend!

For Colin 


August 6th, 1940 ~ Februaray 18th, 2020

George Walker

It is with a heavy heart that we bid my Father , George farewell.

Read an article about Christopher's artwork in the 2010 Spring Issue of  MAGAZIN ART. One of Canada's most prestigious arts magazines based in Montreal, Quebec, the artist's home town.

Listen to "IMMORTAL LONG BEACH" written and performed by  Christopher Walker. May 1994. 

ARABELLA WINTER 2013 RGB-Balance-CW (1).

Click on ARABELLA magazine to read a feature article about Christopher Walker. Winter issue - 2013. 

Listen to "SANDS OF TIME" written and performed by  Christopher Walker. May 1994. 

"Expedition" hanging on the RCGS Resolute

presented by a very smiley Derek Kyostia

(aka Blenderman)

Jeni Stembridge looks on after  a light

rock climb fending off some nasty mountain goats.


The RCGS Resolute in Antarctica


Click on magazine to read write up on "Expedition" (HMS Erebus and Terror)

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